I Am 100% Better

My headaches were so bad before I came in, and now I have the right tools to help myself. I am 100% better

Cheryl I.

Huge Part of my Recovery

Elite has been a huge part of my recovery. Everyone there has been so helpful and showed me many ways that I can gain strength in my hip. When I first started this process, I could hardly roll over in bed and now I am back to yoga and indoor cycling!

Jessica P.

I Can Walk Without Fear

I can walk without a limp or a cane. I can walk far enough to give my dog a good walk. I can walk without the fear of my knee giving out.

Diane M.

I Am a New Person

I am a new person. I can sleep, sit, walk and do other things with little or no pain. When I first came, I was in constant pain. Life is so much better and quality is great. I’m alive!

Kathy S.

I Feel Confident

My level of activity was significantly restricted when I started PT. Cy the completion of PT, I was much closer to who I was prior to my injury. I feel confident beginning my normal exercise routine, and resuming my life prior to surgery.

Erin S.

Pain Free

When I first started I had limited ROM, was unable to lift anything over shoulder level, had moderate pain in shoulder and down arm almost all the time. Now, I have full ROM, can lift 5-10 lbs over my head, can perform many more tasks, and sleep all night, pain free.

Valle L.

I Stopped Needing Medicine

Having horrible migraines, disturbed sleep. I spent a lot of time during the day sleeping in a dark room. Being here for physical therapy, I was able to figure out what was causing the migraines. Stopped taking medicine and learned stretches to prevent them from coming back.

Tyler R.

I Am So Happy

I am so happy to sleep through the night & not be woken up with pain & unable to move. Now if I do have any pain, the stretches instantly make it better. I have also been able to carry & interact with my son without pain or fear of pain.

Hannah S.

Cured My Vertigo

It has cured my vertigo episodes. I can look up and put my head back without getting dizzy.

Donna W.

Easy & a Pleasure

I came in for a torn calf muscle, and Ryan discovered the source of associated ankle pain. My running had felt “heavy” for a long time, and as the problem muscle improved, my running began to feel lighter & lighter. Now I feel “light on my feet” and refereeing soccer is now easy and a pleasure.

Ted C.

Key to My Successful Recovery

PT with the team at Elite has been the key to my successful recovery after TKR. With each session, motion improved, and pain lessened. Right away I was provided hands-on, targeted attention that addressed my every concern. I was able to retire the walker, then the cane much sooner than anticipated; also, the opioids to control pain after surgery were quickly replaced with OTC aids as needed. I am pleased with strength & confidence ascending/descending stairs due to exercise training.

Brenda C.

Amazing Results

Amazing results-my only regret is I waited too long to get help.

Mike O.

Full Range of Motion

Got full range of motion back in my shoulder, No pain in the shoulder or neck. Can go back to using my arm for everyday things without having to worry about pain or weakness.

Katy S.

My Neck Feels Better

When I first came in I was experiencing several symptoms of whiplash to a pretty severe extent. I was experiencing things such as a very stiff neck, headaches, dizziness and nausea. It was to the point where I would simply move my head and experience all these symptoms. I was very miserable for a short time until I came in to get physical therapy. This PT has helped me out a ton. I no longer experience any of these symptoms and my neck feels better than it has in a very long time. I am very glad that I came to see a PT as they have helped me out so much.

Joe O.

The Entire Team Was Fabulous

I was very skeptical-thought I just needed a right leg disarticulation! The first few sessions were painful. Now-while not 100% my leg is sooo much better! Ryan, Jessica, and Troy-all fabulous & skilled to assist, coach and encourage.

LaRaine W.

Great People, Great Place

I can do all my normal activities. Before therapy I could not sleep, drive, read, etc. Turning my head was very painful, walking was painful. I am now Pain Free Ryan Bishop was awesome and very helpful with exercises to do at home. Great people, great place.

Cathy M.

I Have Regained My Mobility

When I began, I could not move my right arm above my shoulder without severe pain. I was losing mobility to the right with my right arm. I have regained my mobility. I can again reach above my head without pain. Thank you!

Barry A.