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Elite Sports and Orthopedic Physical Therapy

At Elite Sports and Orthopedic Physical Therapy we use a thorough assessment model to recognize biomechanical changes and impairments that alter the function of the body. We then use a variety of individualized manual therapy techniques and corrective exercises to effectively and efficiently reduce pain, improve strength, and return to desired activities better that prior to the injury and to prevent future injuries as rapidly as possible.

Now I Can Do Everything

Now that I came to physical therapy, I can do regular activities without my foot and ankle hurting. I can take hikes, walk up stairs, stand longer and do any other exercises easier.

Shalamar F.

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I Don’t Have Any More Pain

Physical therapy has helped me sleep better at night. I don’t have anymore tingling or pain in my wrists or hands.

Emily H

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Night & Day Difference

My pain level and functional ability from start to finish has been a night and day difference. This has been the quickest and least painful recovery/PT experience of 3 knee surgeries, while also gaining the most strength.

Chloe G

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